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Helen Lessick consults on contemporary art projects, art master plans; digital archives; program, project and collection management; conservation treatment and maintenance planning with municipal, non-profit and private clients. Helen Lessick consultant cv

Program Management


Develop public art programs and commissioned projects for municipal entities, rail, airport and water/wastewater programs and private percent for art ordinances.

Clients include

City of Inglewood, California

Houston Airport System, Houston, TX

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority, Los Angeles, CA

San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture, San Diego, CA

Seattle Arts Commission, Seattle, WA

Socrates Sculpture Park, New York

Ventura Public Art Program, CA

Digital Archives

OystercollectionsWRAP KCbooksumbrellameterWRAP SD

Structure, research and develop schema for on-line collections; develop metadata and rights for innovative public projects.

Clients include

Web Resources for Art in Public (WRAP): pilot projects with multiple partners in Kansas City, Los Angeles, San Diego and Forecast Grants

Collections: A Journal for Museum and Archive Professionals



Planning civic art projects, programs, policies and master planning to create exemplary civic art and civic spaces.

Clients include

Convention and Entertainment Facilities Department, Houston, TX

LACMTA/ Metro Orange Line art plan, Los Angeles, CA

Metro Art/Artists Opportunities in Transit, Seattle, WA

Portland Parks and Recreation/ Waterfront Park, OR

Public/Private: A Blueprint for Temporary Art Projects, Tacoma, WA



Assess, analyze and develop recommendations on structure, policy and funding public art programs, commission contracts, collections, and public art studies in higher education.

Clients include

City of Inglewood, California

Cities of Austin, Norfolk and San Diego

Portland State University

University of Southern California

United Indians of All Tribes

Washington State Arts Commission

Collection Management and Conservation Projects


Develop and facilitate collection management tools; recommend and revamp policies and ordinances. Experienced with conservation of significant public art works and projects by internationally recognized artists.

Clients include

City of Inglewood, CA

Cities of Austin, TX; Carlsbad, CA; Houston, TX; Norfolk, VA

King County Arts Commission, Seattle

Los Angeles Metro Art

Oregon Arts Commission

Washington State Arts Commission

Community Art


Designing participatory projects, exhibits and workshops for social service, business, and community improvements through creative arts.

Clients include

Armory Northwest, Pasadena, CA

Assistance League of Southern California, Hollywood, CA

Kounkuey Design Initiative, East Coachella, CA

One Colorado, Pasadena, CA

Pilgrim School, Los Angeles, CA

Seattle Arts Commission/Home Show Booths and Seafair Parades

Silver Lake Neighborhood Council, Los Angeles

Third & Fifth Ward Arts Programs, Houston/Art Cans

United Indians of All Tribes/Art 21

Outreach and Education


Developing guided tours, brochures, maps, and curated walking tours for specific audiences and the general public.

Clients include, City of Inglewood, California

Web Resources for Art in Public

Public Art Walking Tour Maps, Seattle

Harbor Wetlands Walking Tours, Ventura

Houston Arts Alliance, Texas

Reed College Vollum Gallery, Portland, Oregon

Socrates Sculpture Park, New York

Kounkuey Design Initiative, Nairobi